Saturday, 25 May 2013

Walk walk with Canon SX50HS

ALL the pictures were taken in SBG with Canon SX50HS.  This camera helps to pull distant object closer but still there are areas i need to get familiar with: Macro focusing in ROI ( region of interest). Zoom is also useless if the lighting is poor degrading the images.

Elaeocarpus angustifolius or blue marble tree in SBG. 


Inflorescence of Umbrella tree or Schefflera actinophylla 

 Lecuythus ollaria or monkey pot with seeds still enclosed ( and lots of ants)

After the lid fell out the seeds too. Empty pot hanging on tree like flying saucer.
The plantain squirrel nibbling on a oil palm fruit?

The spotted dove ( Streptopelia chinensis) looks on wondering what i am doing with the large keluak fruit..

A young keluak fruit

Pangium edule - common name Keluak or Kepayang.  Only until now i have the chance to touch a fallen big fruit.   Some one carved away to display the seeds inside.  It is as long as my foot and weight 6-7 Kg?

Ayam buah peluak - a peranakan famous dish. Have you tasted before?  The seeds need to be rid of the hydrogen cyanide by repeated washing with water. The poison is removed by boiling water and / formentation ( eg burried in ashes for 40 days).  Image of keluak dish.

Struggling to hold with the fruit point downward. Its heavy !!!

This fellow was resting under the branches of the sausage trees.  Most of the sausages are still in tiny forms.

In Bako Sarawak similar palms were found in Kubah National park. Here in SBG we had different varieties all planted the same area. (The so called ' crocodile's tail'  ekor buaya palm ( Johannesteijsmannia altifrons) can be found here.)
 The palm's inflorescence heads grow close to the base of the palm - tiny flowers and fruits.

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